What Respected Professionals Say about Norma Jeanne


If you want to learn how to train dogs or apply behavioral principles to solve dog problems, Canine Correspondence Studies By Norma Jeanne provides some of the best courses available in North America. As you might expect from the founder of the International Positive Dog Training Association, her methods are not harsh, but they are effective and are based on sound psychological and scientific data. When people come to me to ask how they might learn to be a dog trainer and behaviorist, Norma Jeanne’s courses are always one of my top recommendations.”

Dr. Stanley Coren, PhD, FRSC
Scientist, Professor of Psychology, Host of The Good Dog television show, radio personality, dog training instructor and competitor, and author of over thirty best selling books including: The Intelligence of Dogs, How Dogs Think and How to Speak Dog.

Norma Jeanne’s Canine Correspondence Studies Certification Career Courses have changed the lives of dogs in our care. The invaluable skills that our staff have learned has helped in our motto of “Every Animal Deserves a Chance”. We highly recommend CCS to all Humane Societies and shelter staff. Give shelter dogs the chance they deserve to show you they can become someone’s Forever Pet. Providing CCS courses to your staff will give them that chance.

Kathy Innocente
Director of Operations
Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society

Hi Norma Jeanne, I can’t explain how much the CCS course helps us with the dogs we have in our care, and even the owners that want to surrender their dogs due to behaviour concerns. The information provided in this course helps us make to a difference and we couldn’t do it without your support and knowledge. Thanks again!

Amanda Hawkins, Cert. FBST
Manager, Animal Care
Animal Welfare Agency of South Central Ontario (AWASCO) | Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society | Stratford Perth Humane Society

Congratulations!!!  It is difficult to believe that someone as young, beautiful and unscarred has gone through 7000 combat skirmishes.  A lot of them were probably fun as well.  Again all the best.

Dr. Stanley Coren, PhD, FRSC
Dog Trainer, Scientist, Professor of Psychology
Host of The Good Dog television show | Author of numerous books including: The Intelligence of Dogs, How to Speak Dog, and How Dogs Think

Hi there Norma Jeanne, Congratulations on teaching your 7000th dog training class this Sunday.  Quite a feat indeed.  Dogs and dog owners owe you so much.  Ultra mega woofs to you.

Dr. Ian Dunbar
Veterinarian, Dog Trainer
Author of numerous books including: How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, Before and After Getting Your Puppy, and Dog Behavior

Congrats on dog training class number 7000, Norma Jeanne, what an accomplishment!!!  Warm Woof.

Pat Miller
Author of numerous books including: Positive Dog Training, and The Puppy Primer

Wow!  7000 dog training classes!  You have so much to be proud of! I just wanted to add my voice to the many that will celebrate all the wonderful work you have done for dogs and the people who love them.

Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.
Author of numerous books including The Other End Of The Leash

Congratulations on your 7000th dog training class!  Way to go!  Keep up the great work!

Nathan Penny MSc.
Applied Animal Behaviorist

Hi Norma Jeanne, you are so darned good at what you do. I think you’re one of the top dog trainers in Ontario and Canada!!

Teresa Lewin
Doggone Safe & Doggone Crazy

Hi Norma Jeanne: So glad to hear that you’re still going strong – I can’t believe that you’ll be celebrating 7000th dog training classes this weekend!!  Keep up the great work.

Dr. Cheryl Yuill
Blue Cross Animal Hospital

Norma Jeanne, I think your work is consistently excellent. I want to tell you that I have enjoyed your contributions and appreciate your commitment to the issues you address and the enlightenment of the membership. Thank you for writing for FORUM, and speaking at the conference. I hope you’ll make the next editor’s job as easy as you made mine. (And Norma Jeanne became the next editor)

Andrew Perkins
Board of Directors, Forum Editor
Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers (CAPPDT)

Hi Norma Jeanne, I work part time at a local pet food store, and lots of dogs come in with their owners. We have dog walks, dog nail clip days, adoption days. etc… you get the idea, lots of dogs. I can always “spot” one your dogs and/or owners. The dog comes in happy, confident, loose leash, calm. When I approach the dog, ask for a sit, offer a treat, the owners are happy, calm and relaxed. I usually then ask if their dog/puppy attended a local dog training class, and sure enough, they say “Puppy Power with Norma Jeanne!” It’s inspiring, and I wanted you to know the ripple effect you are having.

Michelle Morin
Canine Evolution

Hi Norma Jeanne, I was VERY happy to receive my score and certification diploma. And I am very proud to be a member of IPDTA and being certified by an organization that I deeply respect is an honour. Thanks for being such a positive force in the dog training industry. You have shaped the futures of so many people and given a better life to so many dogs by your work. You are one of the people on this earth that truly make a difference. Thanks again. All the best,

Jan Morgan, IPDTA-CDT
Paws-itive Puppies

What CCS Students, Graduates and Peers Have To Say About Norma Jeanne


A New Dog!
Hi Norma Jeanne, Niko has become the complete opposite of what you and Greg saw of him when we came to work with you. He’s no longer afraid and is now the most confident dog I’ve ever had and with a simple stare, tail up, ears up and a solid stance he has sent packs of dogs to tuck their tails and let us pass by a trail here in Costa Rica. And even more so now when he’s half blind he is still asserting this invisible force. And all I have to do is literally unclip his leash and we are safe to pass by any pack of dogs, including the meanest dogs known here on certain properties. Niko can walk through the property like he owns it and people who know these dogs were shocked when Niko walks in like nothing and the dogs don’t even bark at him, but are known to attack any dog that trespasses. And it makes me think of you and Greg each time he successfully clears the path for us to walk.

Niko In Stephen King’s Movie- The Thing

Stephanie Kwong, CTB.ccs
Owner of Niko
CCS graduate, Costa Rica

Challenging, Interesting & Informative!
The CCS professional dog trainer course was great. It was challenging and interesting and definitely informative! A lot of excellent material presented in a logical manner and in easily understood terms. The manuals are thorough and offer a lot of cross-referencing and repetition where needed to make learning easier and more engrained – and the videos will give you what you need. I reference the course material often when presented with a problem or a question from a client.

Tikka in Tom Selleck movie- Monte Walsh

Another invaluable aspect of the course is the support of Norma Jeanne long after you have graduated. I graduated many years ago and I can still always count on a very helpful response from Norma Jeanne when I run into a quandary or get a special situation that I’m not sure how to handle. She is always there for me. I know that Norma Jeanne is constantly working on upgrading and bettering the course that she offers. From my perspective, another reason to consider her course is this ongoing commitment to her work and the obvious pride she takes in it.

Janet Greenwood, CTB.ccs
Owner of Tikka
My Dog Spot, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

This course is Amazing!
I just have to say Norma-Jeanne this course is Amazing, and it’s easy to read and understand.

Laura Colton

I Am Really Happy I Chose You!
I have started looking at the course materials and I am really excited. You have done a great job, it is very informative and thorough. I was trying to decide between your course and the one with the most famous clicker trainer in the world, I am really happy I chose you.

Christina Mouck
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

So Glad I Found This Course!
I’ve looked online at a lot of options when it came to dog training courses and honestly there is no comparison. There was nothing as thorough as what you have provided. But above that is the coaching, patience and mentoring. It says a lot. The quick reference/client handout files are my favourite and most useful part of the courses. It’s nice to know I have specific notes for specific issues that I can provide for my clients as I work with them. That combined with the videos makes me feel not just better prepared for teaching but gives me a professional advantage over others. I’m very satisfied with what you’ve put together. I really appreciate all the helpful tips you are giving as I work with my guys. It will make me better at what I do. The value of a mentor is worth so much more than what you charge for the program. So glad I found this course!

George Hutchings
Utopia, Ontario, Canada

You Can Indeed Teach Old Dogs New Tricks!
Good Morning Norma Jeanne, My deepest THANKS for the in-depth course manuals, videos and handouts your course provides, as well as the continued guidance that you have provided throughout my studies with you. The materials will continue to be an invaluable resource going forward! And Sam’s wagging tail and enthusiasm remained intact during this entire journey using your proven training methods!! For this, I am sincerely grateful. :o) This journey has also proved that you can indeed teach old dogs new tricks! Sweet Sam is my 12-year-old rescue that I adopted in 2009 and he has impressed me with his willingness and ability to learn regardless of age. I look forward to teaching classes with my new credentials!

Nathalie Mader, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
South Glengarry Pet Accommodations & Dog Training
Lancaster, Ontario, Canada

Opened A New Door
CCS courses opened a new door in my training life a few years ago when I wanted to update my skills. These courses are very clear and efficient with active online coaching, and a thorough testing (theory and practice) to make sure that all students are properly prepared to teach dogs.

Roberto Barata, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
Animal trainer working with world-renowned dog trainer and author Roger Abrantes
Ethology Institute Cambridge, Portugal

Valuable Information!
Thank you for the explanations on my exam reasons from your own personal experience as well. That is very valuable information to have. The course material is fantastic and I’ve learned so much. I cannot wait to continue with the other modules.

What A Wonderful Bonus!
I am so happy right now! This course has been amazing and I actually bonded so much more with Kash along the way. Which was unexpected but what a wonderful bonus. Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed each module and found the information very interesting. I am very excited to read your book that’s coming out soon, I know it will be fantastic.

Tracy Clarke, CTB.ccs
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Every Trainer Should Be So Blessed
Norma Jeanne has spent hours helping me trouble-shoot behaviours in desperation chats and guiding me on-the-go in puppy play dates, helping me gain confidence in working with the dogs. Without her input I wouldn’t be half as knowledgeable with the dogs. Every trainer should be so blessed.

Nancy MacDonald
Celtic Dog Training
Flesherton, Ontario, Canada

An Excellent Experience!
I consider myself a lifelong student of animal behaviour. After I finished my undergraduate and did some amateur training with my rescue dogs I decided the next step in my learning would be to become a registered dog trainer. After reviewing several options I chose Norma Jeanne’s course for four reasons:

  1. She lets her student trainers sit in and help with (as per their experience level) her puppy classes and some socialization\behaviour sessions. All the other ‘become a dog trainer’ courses I reviewed at best let me attend a few weekend seminars with my own dogs or audit a few hour long sessions. That is nothing in comparison. Working with Norma Jeanne during the year I took this course, and anytime I have been available after my graduation (so years now), I’m given the opportunity for several hours of hands on experience, or direct observation, a week. This amount of experience is immeasurable. This course has given me the opportunity to work with dozens of different breeds of dog at many ages and stages of training as well as gain experience communicating with their owners.
  2. On going support. I cannot describe how helpful Norma Jeanne has been to me personally. She has answered every question I have ever asked immediately, given me unlimited opportunities to participate and build experience (in her classes, at the humane society and assisting with seminars), on numerous occasions given me excellent referrals for job opportunities and sent me client referrals in my area. I have never been left wanting for dog training work and have been offered far more opportunities than I can keep up with. This course really allowed me to hit the ground running with a dog training career and I have had nothing but great responses from my own clients.
  3. A high standard of student achievement. All the other courses I reviewed didn’t seem to expect me to show much hands on skill in order to graduate. Personally, I’m bothered by the idea that there are people out there who call themselves animal professionals to clients but have never been expected to preform their skills objectively to a high level. To pass this course you not only complete an exam but also have to demonstrate teaching skills with dogs and show advanced level obedience with one dog you’ve fully trained personally to a high standard. Practicing the advanced obedience skills out in the park with my dog has actually gotten me clients because it looked so good. I feel this is a really important foundation to calling yourself a professional.
  4. Affordable. I’ve spent the last several years paying for student loans incurred from my and my partners undergraduate and post graduate career training. Norma Jeanne’s course was so affordable I was about to pay for it easily upfront, and after the years of support she has given me the price tag seems impossibly inexpensive compared to ever other special skills courses I’ve paid for.

In closing I think the Canine Correspondence Studies was really worth my time, I gained so much experience and always feel welcome at the training studio. I also feel like I can access support anytime through Norma Jeanne, the affiliated trainers mailing list, the huge bundle of resources that came with the course. If you are in Ontario I really recommend getting involved with Puppy Power and KW Humane Society (with whom they work closely) personally as part of your course. However if you are international I think you could probably still get a lot from it through your correspondence and video work. In short if you want to get a lot out of this course, you can. Even though I took it a few years ago, I still get free access to all the updated materials and videos produced by Norma Jeanne and her associates. And yes, the manuals, videos, and organization policies are frequently updated.

Ellen Jewett, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
Private Training
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

​Far Better Than Any College Or University I’ve Attended!
I graduated from Norma Jeanne’s program early 2010. I’ve since completed another very high standard dog training school in the USA, and trust me, not only is the knowledge I gained through Norma Jeanne’s course far superior to what I learned at the other school, but the way my dog and I were treated was by far better. I’m an adult with special needs – the most disturbing problem for educational purposes is that I am profoundly Deaf. While most people, even in schools and colleges don’t really get the fact that one of the most prominent side effect of deafness is the inability the hear, Norma Jeanne made sure I was always part of class. She made sure I understood everything, and even helped me understand what was said on the dvd’s. She helped me FAR MORE than any other college or university I’ve ever attended. Since graduation, Norma Jeanne keeps in touch. Even though my email address has changed, she was the one asking me which one to use after a year of sending materials to both addresses. She works hard to keep her materials up to date with the spirit of the time and I receive updates at least four times per year. Through every problem I’ve have she’s always been there for me. Even when we don’t agree about a subject, she does not judge and does her best to help. What more can a former graduate ask for?! For more questions about her program feel free to ask me by email (Shahaff.idan@gmail.com) and I will reply within one business week.

Shahaff Idan, MA, MVM, CTB.css, IPDTA-CDT
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

The Best Academic Decision I’ve Ever Made!
After doing an undergraduate in Animal Biology, minoring in Psychology and realizing that my heart wasn’t in it enough to endure 4 years of vet school and a career that unfortunately involves a lot of heartache, you’d think it’d be an easy decision to go into dog training, right? Wrong. For months, I tried calling a number of trainers to get information on where they learned and gained experience, what methods they used and why. The result? Lots of discouragement, a number of unreturned phone-calls and e-mails, save for one woman who was retiring from the business and told me the best way to learn was to get hands on experience, which she could not provide me as she had sold her business. I went on to find a great paying job with no intrinsic value, and fostered dogs to make me happy. One foster (now my own dog) came along with fear-aggression leading me to call Norma Jeanne in a desperate plea for help, who referred me to Greg Ceci to do an in-home consultation and get me on the right track with him. After seeing the turn-around in my dog and reviewing Norma Jeanne’s website, I knew I had to take her course. Not just for my own dog and any future fosters, but for myself and to learn how to help anyone else dealing with dogs with fear-aggression.

While taking the course I found that the basis for the techniques that Norma Jeanne uses is bang on with everything I’ve learned in University Psychology – from types and schedules of reinforcement, to extinction and spontaneous recovery, habituation and desensitization, and counter-conditioning. She thoroughly explains (in her manuals) and demonstrates (in her videos) how to apply it to dog training in a way that is fun for the dogs and their owners alike, and works for *any* temperament of dog. In class, she is extremely encouraging to both her clients and students. It is evident in the way she instructs her classes and in the amount of information she passes on to her students and clients that she is very well-researched, and eager to pass on her expertise to trainers-to-be and clients for the benefit of any and every dog. She provides unlimited hands-on experience to students, allowing them to interact with her own clients in class and takes the time to offer feedback. I highly recommend anyone seeking a deeper understanding of dog training to take her course.

On the business side of things, she gives lots of tips for marketing, people-skills, and even opens up about how she deals with any unsatisfied customers to try to rectify the situation. She is very professional while being very down-to-earth, and she is a pleasure to learn from and work with.

As if it couldn’t get any better, once Norma Jeanne was confident that I knew the material well and was doing well with helping her clients in class, she began to refer people who called her for behaviour issues to me to give me hands on experience doing private consultations. The icing on the cake? I have her to thank for lining me up with a position teaching puppy classes for an already established business.

I will forever look up to Norma Jeanne as a mentor, and am thankful that by taking her course I have joined a network of professionals who truly care about training dogs in a humane way. As an added benefit, she continues to send me updated materials and information as she has completely re-written her course since I originally ordered it in 2011, and she is continually looking for ways to improve. If you are looking for a comprehensive course to give you a solid foundation in dog training and prepare you to embark upon starting a new career or adding to an existing one, you will not be disappointed in the CCS course.

Samantha Wong, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
Puppy Power & Paws N Effect
Cambridge & Elora, Ontario, Canada

I Have My Dream Job!
I am so thankful for this course. It’s pushed me forward to obtain my dream Job. Thank you so much for all your help. You are a great mentor and a caring person. Wish me luck!

Jodie Hawker
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Willing To Help At A Moments Notice
For quite some time, I was looking for a course to take to become certified as a dog trainer. It was very high on my priority list and a personal goal to complete my certification with a credible, reputable organization. After searching far and wide, looking at different programs, and being discouraged by the time restrictions that many place upon you, I was so pleased to find Canine Correspondence Studies with Norma Jeanne Laurette and Greg Ceci. Due to health related factors, family obligations and unexpected life events, it was important for me to find someone local, knowledgeable and willing to take my personal issues under consideration. I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to take the certification course though CCS. It is thorough, updated regularly with the latest research, and gives both theory as well as visual demonstrations. Norma Jeanne and Greg are compassionate, understanding and willing to help at a moments notice. Whether it be a phone call, email, or text, their immediate response and willingness to help goes above and beyond anything I had expected. Thank you Norma Jeanne and Greg for your knowledge, patience and understanding!

Jackie Pritchard
Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada

Your Course Is A Real Find!
NJ, hello! The aggression course is excellent and comprehensive. Frankly speaking, I have little doubt about my ability to educate the Ukraine about positive training. Among the various course alternatives I tried to choose the information that would meet my requirements. Your course was a real find for me. Thank You!

Anton Volkov
Ukraine, Europe

I Am So Grateful
Thank you so much Norma Jeanne for your time and all of the great support!! I truly enjoy working with dogs and people and CCS has helped me to be even better at doing that! I am so grateful that my education will continue and stay current with CCS and the CCS Facebook pages and the access to new information and findings that you guys do such a great job of providing!

Carly Arnold
Montana, USA

Proud To Be A CCS Grad
Whether you’re already a dog trainer, or aspiring to be one, you need to take Norma Jeanne’s dog trainer’s course! The CCS material is very instructive; methodical and comprehensive. You won’t find any other dog trainer’s program as affordable or supportive as this one. WAGGLES Academy for Dogs, in Alberta, was born largely due to Norma Jeanne’s inspiration and knowledge about building a training school and her willingness to be part of our growth. After 5 years, we still communicate regularly, since we both know the importance of adapting to changes of business practice and the science of canine behaviour. I’m proud to be a CCS graduate!

I Thank My Lucky Stars
I think of you, Norma Jeanne, and Thank my lucky stars everyday, for seeing your ad in a magazine, all those years ago. My little dog training school has grown and even pulled us through this recession. I’m so very proud of you Norma Jeanne, for setting your goals, and working so very hard to earn that incredible sense of accomplishment.

Sharna Mulligan, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT, CCAT
Owner / Trainer, WAGGLES Academy for Dogs Inc.
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

This Is An Exciting Chapter In Life For Me
Hi Norma Jeanne, I just wanted to say, I have started the course and I truly appreciate your approach. I can completely relate to your style and I feel your methods literally reflect the way I have always thought about dogs as well as treated dogs, but it’s just so satisfying to read it in print and hear someone saying it in their words and making it ‘real’ plus adding a professional tone to it all. It feels comfortable and I’m super excited to get into this full swing. I have already used some of your puppy training on my 11 wk old Lab. Thank you Norma Jeanne. This is an exciting chapter in life for me. Thank you, in advance, for being a big part of this opportunity 🙂

Lisadawn Shackleford
Union Bay, British Columbia, Canada

You Have Single-Handedly Raised The Bar For Dog Trainers
I really appreciate everything you do Norma Jeanne. You have singlehandedly raised the bar for all dog trainers and I for one cannot thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do. Your kind words will stay with me whenever doubts creep in.

Guidance & Support
The guidance and support throughout the course is only the beginning. Skills gained and the community of graduates that are always at the ready with guidance and encouragement is not something you will find in any other course. Would recommend this to anyone from pet dog owner up to experienced trainer!

Michelle Morin, IPDTA-CDT
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

This Course Is Life Changing!
Not only for the humans but the dogs we care so deeply for. This course is and will be the future of dog training and I would recommend CCS to anyone who is interested in working with canines in any aspect. It was wonderfully put together, captivating and will continue to help my career and future. You receive tremendous support and guidance and really become part of a family who’s interests are assisting, loving and saving dogs.

Kyla Godin
Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Very Enjoyable!
It’s honestly been very enjoyable working through your course. I’ll have to stop in to actually meet you the next time I’m in Ontario!

Chris Whalen, CTB.ccs
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Opened My Mind
It may sound funny but what positive dog training opened my mind to was the basics of spiritual concepts. And moving through life gently. That’s one of the things Greg taught me.

Tyla Langenecker
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(Private consultation between Greg and Tyla which inspired her to become a dog trainer)

I Really Like Your Approach
I’ve been skimming through the course and I gotta say I really like your approach to training. I’ve seen numerous trainers and one was all about dominating and did it quite viciously another about zap collars and I have yet to talk to a trainer who offers positive training like this.

The Materials Are Amazing
Working with dogs has always been a passion of mine. The material in this course is amazing, I always knew there was a better way to train and this course teaches just that. I can’t wait to complete the course and start my business to help other people positive train their dog. I’ve already used many methods recommended in this course to train my own dogs and it does work and you get a much happier dog in the process.

Lindsay Larocque
Timmins, Ontario, Canada

Really Enjoying The Course
I’m really enjoying the course so far! I’m so happy I found your program, you’re awesome!

Lauren Shoreman
Stayner, Ontario, Canada

Landed My Dream Job
Took this course and landed my dream job! Thank you Norma Jeanne!

Shahaff Idan, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
CCS Graduate

Exceeded My Expectations
Good morning Norma Jeanne, Although I am a graduate of another dog training course, I am very pleased with my decision to complete both CCS courses. The amount of information and resources provided exceeded my expectations!

Andrea Dinan
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Blew My Mind
Norma Jeanne’s CCS course is EXCELLENT and so is she — lovely, patient soul. I got to do some photography of her puppy classes and her in action working with a fear aggressive dog — BLEW MY MIND! To follow your passion CCS is a great path.

Barb FJ
FoJo Photography
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Enjoying The Course
Good Afternoon Norma Jeanne, I just wanted to send a quick note, to thank you again for allowing me to participate in your program. I am very much enjoying the course. The way you have put together this program is great, and your mind frame towards animals and their training is wonderful. I look forward to every chance I have to read thru the next textbook and work with my dogs. Thank you again!

Lisa Holland
Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada

Awesome Course!
As of September 2015, a graduate of CCS, I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. It has made my dream of becoming a Certified Dog Trainer come true. I had been searching for quite some time for a course that I could complete online since I am not close to a dog training school. When I found this one, I was really excited and then realizing I could complete it at my own pace I was sold. The class materials were well presented and very interesting, so it wasn’t difficult to complete it in a timely manner. As I got into the material, I soon realized that Norma Jean’s training methods paralleled my own, in that is was very gentle and force free methodology, making it even more appealing to me. So, if you are seeking a comprehensive course that you can complete online, at your own pace that will give you a complete foundation in dog training, behaviour and aggression therapy, I would highly recommend Norma Jeanne and CCS. I know you won’t be disappointed. I would like to thank Norma Jeanne personally for always being there for me when I had questions or concerns throughout the course; all of my emails were answered pronto and her genuine interest was quite obvious. Even after I had completed the course, she was still there to answer any questions I had regarding setting up my own business and was quite willing to share her business materials with me. I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience. Thank you Norma Jeanne!

Chris Sturgeon, CTB.ccs
Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada

CCS Has Never Let Me Down
As a professional animal handler, CCS is the first resource I turn to for information about dogs and dog training. It has never let me down.

Chris Johnstone-Laurette, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
Private Training
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Life Changing
Taking this training course has been life changing for me and all the dogs I come in contact with. Growing up, I always thought you had to be “big and scary” to be a dog trainer, but using positive methods based on mutual respect has taught me that even tiny children can make some of the most wonderful dog trainers. I highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone who has a dog in their life.

Amanda Rich, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
Puppy Imprinter
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Highest Standard For Positive Training
Great course and great support network. Glad to be part of a group that constantly strives to do what’s best for the dogs and hope to see it continue to uphold the highest standards for positive training.

Samantha Dejong, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT,
Puppy Power Dog Training
Woolwich, Ontario, Canada

Most Comprehensive And Supportive
I have always loved working with dogs and people. Thank you to CCS, I love it even more and am even better at all aspects of dog training. In my opinion, this course is the most comprehensive and supportive course available to students online. The very best part about CCS is that your education will continue even after you’ve earned your certification. Norma Jeanne and Greg do an excellent job keeping the CCS curriculum updated on the newest latest scientific findings in the world of dog behavior and training. The professional colleague connections you have access to through CCS and Facebook pages provide great advice and support.

Carly Arnold
Pawsitively Training
Bozeman, Montana, USA

Excellent Course!!!
As a 2003 graduate of (CCS) Canine Correspondence Studies, I highly recommend Norma Jeanne’s professional dog training and behavior modification program. Over the years, Norma Jeanne has always been available to me for mentoring at no additional charge. Any time new CCS information, techniques or protocols became available; this information was sent to me. The most recent updates, in the spring of 2013, included brand new manuals, behavior modification client handouts and DVD’s. The course is up-to-date with the most humane and scientifically sound information available.

Lynda O’Neill, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
Confident Canines Companion Training
Brussels, Ontario, Canada

Impressive Course Materials!
Thank-you so much Norma Jeanne. I have to tell you that I was impressed with the course materials. I liked that they were science based force free methods. I really enjoyed it.

Carrie Lumsden, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
K9 Kind
Comox, British Columbia, Canada

Amazing Course!
I have just finished a study session and I can not stress enough how amazing this course is. Such comprehensive and easy to understand manuals, I get so excited while learning!! Thanks for making learning fun!

Bringing The Aggressive Stella Home!
Hey Norma Jeanne, I just want you to know that so far everything’s going GREAT! I know that I have so much to learn, but what I have learned thus far and now the powerful daily learning experience having her Stella home, I am in SUCH a better position to care for Stella. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! I have been saying to Stella that I am going to get her trained, that one day everything’s going to get better for a long time. A message I always truly meant 100% and was not in a place in my life to be able to follow through with it. I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to learn all of this information myself in the way that I am. Your dog training certification course has been the catalyst that has allowed Stella and I to re-unite in a healthy way.

Dustin Whealy
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Loving Your Program!
Hi Norma Jeanne, I Just wanted you to know I’m absolutely loving your program so far!! I’ve already learned so much from you and your materials and I thought I had done a lot of research and digging into dog training before 😊. I’m working on my first video and I can say with confidence that I am going to absolutely LOVE training dogs (already do) and that my journey is only going to keep on growing. I can’t wait to come sit in on your classes 😊

Anna Gingrich
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

I’m So Into It I Have To Force Myself To Take A Break!
Hi Norma Jeanne, I’m really enjoying the course so far. I’m so into it I have to force myself to break…lol. Wondering why I waited so long. Thanks again!

Chris Sturgeon
Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada

Best Career Move Ever!
My name is Silke; I run and operate a dogwalking and pet-sitting business in Georgetown, Ontario. I thought I knew a lot about dogs — I was wrong. A few months ago I ordered Norma Jeanne’s Canine Correspondence Studies in the mail. Wow – when the box arrived , my husband and I were very impressed with all the books and DVD’s. I am not only learning about dog training, but so much about dog health, behavior and why they do the things they do. The course is extremely organized ; which is important to me; e.g. one book consists entirely of “terminology”. All words are in alphabetical order so if I can’t remember something, I can look it up. In addition Norma Jeanne answers all of my questions via e-mail very quickly. I can also go and observe as many training; socializing and behavior classes as I choose. That hand on experience is essential . I am so grateful to Norma Jeanne for this opportunity.

Silke Le Messurier, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
Pet Me Please Dog Training
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Awesome Course!
As a 2010 graduate of the CCS course I believe Norma Jeanne has consistently gone above and beyond to provide continued education for her graduates. When I receive updated files or manuals they are accompanied with an explanation for the necessary upgrade. Learning never ends – especially when working with animals – so knowing that as a graduate I have access to current methods, ideas, mentoring has been invaluable. I love that Norma Jeanne opens up her facility for direct hands on learning. Creating real life videos of canine behavior happening naturally have been pivotal for understanding canine communication. I eagerly look forward to the annual ACTT seminars as an opportunity to refresh, discuss, or continue learning positive training methods. I am currently employed with a local shelter where many of the dogs are there due to behavioural issues and knowing I can contact Norma Jeanne for advice or a second opinion has contributed to help saving many lives. I am very proud to say that I have been educated about positive canine training and behavior therapy from one of the best, most respected, and compassionate people I have ever had the privilege to work with.

Tracy Leite, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
KW Humane Society
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

The Path Of My Dreams!
I am a 2012 graduate of Norma Jeanne Laurette’s Canine Correspondence Studies course. Not only did this course set me on the path of my dreams, but it also gave me the information and experience necessary to handle real life situations, regarding canine behaviour and handling. Not only was the course extremely informative, but it was the first (I’ve witnessed) to take into consideration all types of learning styles. In depth manuals/videos were supplied for visual learners, informative lectures catered towards auditory learners, and the abundance of hands on opportunities served to benefit the kinesthetic. Norma Jeanne also proved herself to be a fantastic mentor. She was always there to assist you, both during and after class, and took care to make sure you left each session having learned something new. During the duration of this course I attended all of Norma Jeanne’s Dog Training and Reactive Dog classes, and still do to this day. For although I am a graduate of the course, I recognize that there is always something new to be learned from Norma Jeanne and her constantly evolving teaching style. Thanks to Norma Jeanne’s course, I now run my own business(teaching dog/dogs social skills) and am a dedicated volunteer at the KW Humane Society; Where I assist in training dogs and solving behavioural problems, in order to make the dogs more adoptable.

Cordelia Dudas CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
Teach Me Dog Training
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

You Earn An A+!
Hi Norma Jeanne, Believe it or not, in a couple emails and the information you provide on your site, if I had to assign a grading system to all other schools I have investigated, you would be the only one with an A+, and all others would be at a C grade at best. And believe me I have investigated just about any available training you can find via the web; local, in person, on line, tropical islands and everything in between. I have to tell you…of all the courses I have investigated, not one other business has been as responsive as you have been. Your site tells a story of an instructor who wants her students to succeed and wants all animals to be happy. I cannot say that about any other sites. The fact that you changed your way of teaching from how you were trained based on your own instincts and the reaction of your students is commendable. The amount of testimonials from your past students stating that you keep in touch with them and forward them up to date information is far beyond anything I have heard of any other instructor doing. Even the topics you cover in your training are far more extensive than most others. You clearly focus on the people and the animals which is perfect! So I now have all the information I need and I have to say, I am very impressed. There is no reason I will not be choosing your dog training course. Thank you again for all the information and your prompt responses.

Susan Griffiths

Highly Recommended!
I would highly recommend Norma Jeanne Laurette, and the CCS course. The course gave me a strong foundation in up to date, scientifically reinforced information about canine behaviour and learning. Throughout the course, Norma Jeanne gave me on going support. When it came time to set up my own professional dog training business, Norma Jeanne went the extra mile and advised me on many aspects of running my business. I would really like to thank Norma Jeanne for her dedication and support to me as a student and her continued support as one of her graduates. When I took her professional course I never realized I’d be joining a team of dog trainers all dedicated to improving dog’s lives in a unique and collaborative way. Thank you Norma Jeanne!

Robyn Ford Waldron, CTB.ccs, RVT
Pet Tech Training
Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Really Remarkable!
I really enjoyed your informative talks and videos. The videos have so much information on them, they are amazing. And what a transformation of the dogs’ behaviour. Really remarkable. With much appreciation

Susie Phillips
Ontario, Canada

Nothing But Great Things To Say!
I was working full time when I took the CCS professional dog trainer certification course and had no problem! That’s a great thing about Norma Jeanne’s course – you can go at your own pace so you can work on it when you have time. I do have my own professional dog training business and run classes currently. I also still work full time in another job too. Areas that were most beneficial – the behaviour part – what’s normal, what’s not, how to read the body language, how to prevent aggression. There was sooo much great info it’s hard to pin point one thing. I also use her handouts for my clients and refer to them often for consults or problems with my own pup’s. I also use her manual – both of these are great so you don’t have to research and write your own material. Her course was the best thing I’ve done. Not only because I enjoy training, but because it has helped with my own dogs immensely! I have nothing but great things to say about the course!

Carrie Cleghorn, CTB.ccs
K9 Fear Be Gone
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Thank You!
Norma Jeanne, Thank-you so much for all of your, kindness, encouragement, helpfulness, understanding and support throughout the years. Without you I would not have had the knowledge and confidence to open and run a successful dog daycare business for over 5 years! You are wonderful. Thanks again for EVERYTHING!

Kirsandra Newell (& Raven)
Caring for Canines
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Thank You!
Thank you for all that you have done in my life – all the support, encouragement and exhortation that you have put into it. Thank you! I will keep in touch.

Sydney Drakes, CTB.ccs
Hastings, Barbados

A Look Over The Fence!
Thank you, Norma Jeanne, not for only convincing me that this course is perfect for me, but for opening my eyes and letting me look over the fence. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!

Cheryl Becker, CTB.ccs
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Best Decision Ever!
Taking Norma Jeanne’s course was by far one of the best decisions I have made. The many videos and manuals of information are very thorough and interesting! The course really prepares you to be a dog training instructor/ behaviour consultant. I have, thanks to Norma Jeanne, started my own successful dog training business and am loving every minute of it! Norma Jeanne is a very supportive, patient and knowledgeable teacher. She has an answer or explanation for everything! Norma Jeanne is always available to answer any questions I might have. I am very thankful for NJ and her patience, understanding, constant support and great sense of humour!

​Jennifer Reed, CTB.ccs
Leader of the Pack - Touch-free Dog Training
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

A Whole New World!
Compassion, kindness, insight and intuitiveness are a few adjectives that come to mind when I think of Norma Jeanne and her course. She opens up a whole new world of training and knowledge for her students and clients alike. She is never too busy or tired to answer questions or help with a problem when asked. A great teacher and mentor. Thank you Norma Jeanne.

Jo-Anne Strang, CTB.ccs
Positive Affects Dog Training & Behaviour
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

My Dream Come True!
I wish to thank you Norma Jeanne for all the support you have given me. Thanks for putting up with all my questions and answering them so thoughtfully. Your course is an excellent introduction to the world of Dog Behaviour and Training. What sets this course apart? – Its use of gentle yet effective methods to train and treat behavior problems. You kept up to date on all the latest techniques and passed them on to myself and the other students. The literature and information I collected throughout the course will prove an invaluable reference as I move on. The quizzes were good in helping me assimilate all of this valuable information. I especially liked the questions which involved behavior problem scenarios where I had the opportunity to develop a behavior modification plan. The hands on experience through mentoring helped me to develop my teaching abilities. You were supportive throughout the course and provided helpful, positive feedback. This course has given me confidence and know-how to go out and start my own business. You are an excellent role model and if I can apply myself as you have, I know I will be successful. Thanks for giving me a chance to make my dreams come true.

Tamara McFarland, CTB.ccs
Unleashed Pawsabilities
Halifax, New Brunswick, Canada

I Can Do Almost Anything!
Dear Norma Jeanne; What you taught me goes way beyond dog training. Because of you I now believe that I can do almost anything and for that I am grateful. Thank you for everything.

Ginny Campbell, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT
Super Paws
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

The Manuals & Videos Are Great!
I received my first package a week and a half ago, and have almost gotten all the way through it! That’s the great thing about correspondence; I don’t feel pressured at all! So far, the manuals and video are GREAT! I have to say, I thought I knew quite a bit about behaviour and learning techniques, and am already learning new stuff. I really like your “hands-free” approach to the training. Your classes look like they are a lot of fun for both the dogs and owners. I wish that I had classes here like that to attend with my young dog. I’m definitely happy with your course materials. I particularly like the videos, as they are an excellent reference to have on-hand. Down the road, when I’m ready to teach classes, I know that I will be referring to them often as you’ve provided excellent examples of class situations. I know on completion, that I will be very prepared for classes and that you will be there to answer any questions that come up.

Allison Brown, CTB.ccs
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

I’ve Caught The Bug!
This comes with great thanks for everything you have done for me, as well as your continuous support and motivation. If it weren’t for you, and your professional dog trainer certification course, I never would have caught the bug and began this successful business.

Kim Barrett, CTB.ccs
Kim's Happy Endings Training, Daycare and Boarding
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

A Fabulous Experience!
Thank you again for a fabulous experience; your course has left me with a renewed sense of purpose where my job is concerned…. and eager to develop my canine training techniques! Many dog people know by instinct what works and what doesn’t…. You taught me why it works and why it doesn’t. This foundation for Canine Training and Behavioral Therapy has found immediate and beneficial application to the CFIA’s Detector Dog Training Program. My canine confidence has increased tenfold…. thanks again!

Alexis Seraj
National Travelers' Program Assistant Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

A Well Put Together Course!
Thanks Norma Jeanne! We really did learn a lot. We are very excited about starting our own business and are well on the way to making that happen. If you are ever in the area we would love to meet you in person and show you our facility. Thank you for the link to IPDTA. It is an organization we were planning on joining and thank you again for such a well put together, thought out course. We are looking forward to using the email groups and your expertise.

Kristine Marshall, CTB.ccs and Allan Marshall, CTB.ccs
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Awesome Course!
Thank you so much Norma Jeanne for all your input on my written test and practical assignments, it means a lot. I plan on going really far with this and becoming the best trainer I can be, and helping a lot of dogs. Your course is awesome, I’m glad I chose you to teach me and I hope to make you really proud one day, and you can say, Yup I know her, she went to my school.

Mary Beth Smithers
Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada