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Private Paws

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By Greg Ceci



Dog training and canine behaviour modification are not the same. In-home canine behaviour consultations are a completely different beast requiring unique skills and a calm, level headed approach to keep all two legged and four legged participants safe. Fearful and aggressive dogs are even trickier and require a trainer with superior communications who’s also well educated in all facets of science-based dog training and behaviour modification. Private Paws walks you through the best practices and safety protocols for in-home canine behaviour consultations.

This book is a must-have for dog professionals and dog guardians alike.


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3 reviews for Private Paws

  1. Chris Johnstone-Laurette

    Great book. Deals not only with managing problem behaviours in dogs and humans but also best business practices. I have done this work and I would have benefitted if I had read this book first. It’s good to have some hard won knowledge when you are meeting a perfect stranger for the first time and they say ‘my dog is aggressive and bites people, please come into my house’. Greg is the guy that people call when other trainers say ‘this dog can’t be rehabilitated’.

  2. ​Silke LeMessurier, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT, Pet Me Please

    I have really enjoyed reading your book “Private Paws”. Some parts made me cry and some made me laugh out loud! For anyone who wants to start private behaviour consultations, there is invaluable information in your book.

  3. Mika Hoshoian, ​Doggy Discovery Zone, Muirkirk, Ontario

    I’m already 1/3 through Private Paws, nodding my head like yup and smirking. This is so raw and accurate. I split it up into three separate days so I could absorb and retain all the information but I was dying to not put it down. Lots of highlighted points! Wish I had this book years ago – you will love it!

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