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Canine Queries

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By Norma Jeanne Laurette & Greg Ceci



​Canine Queries is a fun and informative book based on Norma Jeanne and Greg's call in Radio/TV show of the same name. It walks you through the canine behaviour troubleshooting process via a series of questions from callers with real world solutions offered on the fly by Norma Jeanne and Greg. The questions range from simple behaviour issues to more in-depth behaviour problems as well as some fun and thought provoking questions.

Canine Queries makes a perfect companion to the scientifically proven methods and philosophies outlined in their first book Blueprint To A Happy Dog.


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2 reviews for Canine Queries

  1. Chris Johnstone-Laurette, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT – (Certified Trainer and former Veterinary Assistant)

    As someone who has spent a large part of my professional life working with animals, particularly dogs, Greg and Norma Jeanne are my first go-to resources when I have any questions about canine motivation and communication. Their previous book, Blueprint to a Happy Dog contains ideas that readers, (both well read in canine psychology and neophytes alike) will find novel, fascinating, and practical. I can say the same of their most recent book, Canine Queries which uses a lighter, more conversational format to engage the reader making it accessible to the layperson, while still bearing footnotes to the scientific studies which inform the authors’ approach to common canine behaviour problems, inviting cross referencing and further insight. Canine Queries is an engaging and useful dog training book seasoned with waggish wit, humour and talk show banter.

  2. Mika HoshoianDoggy Discovery Zone, Muirkirk, Ontario

    After being outside I love a latte and a good read. I usually read quickly but some books you wanna save a little bit for every day? That’s Canine Queries!

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