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Canine Aggression Therapy Upgrade Module

$995 + $200 Testing/Certification Fee + Tax

Fear is the cause of most dog bites and unless we nurture confidence through positive dog training and socialization by the end of the socialization period, fearful dogs are likely to grow into anti-social, reactive and/or aggressive dogs. By understanding canine fear, aggression and reactivity, we can intervene and turn these potentially aggressive dogs into well trained dogs with resiliency and confident temperaments.

Many dog trainers choose not to work with aggressive dogs but instead refer these dogs to other trainers. This is perfectly acceptable however, every professional dog trainer should understand canine behaviour, fear, aggression and behaviour modification in order to prevent dog fear, dog aggression and dog reactivity and effectively intervene in its early stages. The CCS Professional Canine Aggression Therapy course teaches you about understanding, identification, prevention, intervention and rehabilitation, and for those who choose to work with aggressive dogs, how to keep everyone safe while helping our clients nurture trust and new behaviours in their dogs.


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