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Blueprint To A Happy Dog

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By Norma Jeanne Laurette & Greg Ceci



Blueprint To A Happy Dog is not just a dog training book, it's more of a dog-human and dog-dog relationship guide that helps you understand your dog's mind, how it perceives the world, how it thinks, feels and communicates. It presents Norma Jeanne and Greg’s blueprint for strengthening desired behaviour, changing unwanted behaviour and teaching your dog how to get along with other dogs and people in order to flourish in our human-centric world.

​Blueprint To A Happy Dog teaches you to nurture a well-trained, confident dog while protecting its temperament and emotional wellbeing as well as helping you create a dog that’s simply a joy to be around.


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10 reviews for Blueprint To A Happy Dog

  1. Dr. Stanley Coren, Phd, DSc, FRSC – World-renowned scientist, professor of psychology, author of over 30 best-selling books including: How Dogs Think, The Intelligence of Dogs, and How To Speak Dog.

    The approach and procedures given here are based on the best available current scientific data, but also upon the experience of the two authors. Between the two of them they have taught thousands of dog obedience classes and have rehabilitated many hundreds of dogs, which had been plagued with emotional and behavioral problems. They both recognize that an important aspect of modifying the behavior of dogs involves knowing something about the dog’s mental state, and its emotional responses. It is only in that way that a practical plan of action can be designed. With that information in hand they can truly provide you with a “Blueprint To A Happy Dog”.

  2. Amanda Hawkins, Cert. FBST – Senior Manager, Animal Care, The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth.

    I want to say thank you for writing this book. The amount of knowledge in this book is tremendous and I know my staff will learn a ton, as it is easy to understand. Thank you for all you and Greg do, to help owners, and our employees who work with dogs, to understand how they truly learn. Thank you!

  3. Michelle Morin, IPDTA-CDT, ​Canine Evolution

    It is actually the most comprehensive book I have seen so far. Clients often want a “how to” that isn’t dumbed down or vague, this fits the bill! I would say this is more of a “how to and why.”

  4. Kathy Eyers, ​Top Dog K9 Services

    ​It’s a great book and I have literally read hundreds of dog training type books.
    Lots of great information in it. The drawings are really good for showing body language and I’m going use them with my new staff to help them to know what to look for.

  5. John Ruys

    I found your book very interesting and fascinating. It really helped me to understand my dog’s fears and anxieties. I have already recommended your book to many friends who are pet owners.

  6. Doug

    Thank you for writing this wonderful book on our dogs! The historical perspective and explanation of techniques is so important. I have already mailed my second copy to the dog rescue where I found Rosie.

  7. ​Lisa Hoffman, CTB.ccs, IPDTA-CDT ​Living Better Dog Training

    Savouring every word, chapter and verse! This book is for anyone and everyone that wants only the very best for their dog. Truly a book needed if you want a Happy Dog.

  8. ​Teresa Lewin ​Doggone Safe

    Folks you have to order this book to find out what the Bartender is! I love it! Insightful, thought provoking and creative!

  9. Mandi MacNeil Arnold, ​All Dogs

    Thank you ! Your book arrived at the best time! So I got home and my husband was reading it !!! He said that page 19 should be read by everyone.

  10. Lia Koch

    Stop watching Cesar Millan and read this book instead.

    I’m not usually into this style of book, but I couldn’t put this one down. Norma Jeanne and Greg are excellent authors, and managed to make this feel like a journey with humour, tears and an overall better understanding of any furry friend.
    This book not only teaches you how to love your furry babies, neighbours and strangers better, create a better understanding to the cause and reason behind actions, but also debunks myths and incorrect ideologies that the average person uses as facts; such as alpha mentality (you don’t need to dominate / intimidate, hurt or pin your dog), balanced training methods (this is not effective), canine communication and temperament (what this really means) and the foundations of ensuring your dog has a fulfilling life (it needs so much more than food and water).
    It’s also going to give you a world of solutions to behaviours you want to help your dog with – that will actually work and not create a bigger problem down the line.
    This is one of the only learning / teaching materials for training dogs that isn’t full of ego and actually gives you the resources to fact check the thought – not just the excuse of “I’m a dog trainer I know everything” – their sources go back to World Wars 1 and 2 – when training canines was first introduced to society in the early 1900’s.
    Basically what I’m saying – 10/10 recommend this read.

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