Meet Norma Jeanne
– Positive Dog Training Course Expert & Founder Of IPDTA

Norma Jeanne began studying dog training, canine behaviour therapy and canine aggression therapy in 1987 while touring North America as a professional rock musician. She opened the Puppy Power Dog Training School in Kitchener, Ontario in 1989. Puppy Power became the first positive dog training school in the area. Norma Jeanne has since taught over 7000 classes, currently teaching postive dog training classes to those in Belleville, Trenton, Quinte West & Hastings County through Norma Jeanne’s Dog Training. Norma Jeanne has earned numerous certificates for dog training, canine behaviour, canine aggression, and animal-sciences and has earned high scores in obedience trials. She is in high demand as a lecturer and has presented at numerous conferences, chienposiums, seminars and workshops.

Canine Correspondence Studies

Norma Jeanne created CCS – Canine Correspondence Studies: Professional Dog Trainer Certification Career Courses in 1994 to help students realize their dream of becoming a highly qualified and respected certified, positive dog trainer, behaviour therapist and/or aggression therapist. She was tired of dog owners and dog trainers making excuses for abusing dogs in the name of dog training. NJ made it her mission to teach the importance and application of scientifically proven and positive dog training, behaviour therapy and aggression therapy in order to nurture well-trained dogs while protecting their temperament and emotional wellbeing. She has since trained over 700 quality positive dog trainers in 17 countries and the CCS family of positive dog trainers and behavior consultants continues to grow worldwide.

Interational Positive Dog Training Association

Norma Jeanne founded the International Positive Dog Training Association in 2002 to take a stand against abuse in the name of dog training. IPDTA continues to set the international standard for humane dog training and is connecting clients with quality, positive dog trainers worldwide.

Dog Training Books & Courses

​Norma Jeanne is a published author, Founder & Chair of the International Positive Dog Training Association, former Editor in Chief for the Canadian Association Of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, and content contributor to numerous industry magazines including Pets and Animals, Dogster and Animal Wellness. The CCS dog training courses are well-known and highly respected by dog guardians and professional dog training experts around the globe.  

​​Norma Jeanne created touch-free and fear-free dog training, behaviour and aggression therapy programs using motivation to nurture mutual trust and respect, and to teach dogs to think for themselves and make correct choices. Her science based dog training philosophy is that dogs learn to problem-solve and choose desired behaviours in order to affect a pleasant outcome or obtain a valued resource. With repetition, the dog will default to the desired behaviour.

Positive does not mean permissive. Self-control is taught, and respect is mutual when utilizing benevolent leadership, resource control and a thorough understanding of canine communication. When we nurture trust and mutual respect we create a well-trained dog with a resilient temperament while protecting its emotional wellbeing.

Norma Jeanne lives in the countryside of beautiful North Eastern Ontario, Canada with her partner Greg Ceci and their beloved dogs. She looks forward to guiding you to a happy and fulfilling life and dog training career of your own. Visit our curriculum page to find out what you’ll learn.

About CCS

Canine Correspondence Studies is the first and most respected professional online college quality, positive dog trainer certification career course worldwide. It is one of the most comprehensive, thorough and scientifically up-to-date dog trainer programs available.

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