My Dream Come True!
I wish to thank you Norma Jeanne for all the support you have given me. Thanks for putting up with all my questions and answering them so thoughtfully. Your course is an excellent introduction to the world of Dog Behaviour and Training. What sets this course apart? – Its use of gentle yet effective methods to train and treat behavior problems. You kept up to date on all the latest techniques and passed them on to myself and the other students. The literature and information I collected throughout the course will prove an invaluable reference as I move on. The quizzes were good in helping me assimilate all of this valuable information. I especially liked the questions which involved behavior problem scenarios where I had the opportunity to develop a behavior modification plan. The hands on experience through mentoring helped me to develop my teaching abilities. You were supportive throughout the course and provided helpful, positive feedback. This course has given me confidence and know-how to go out and start my own business. You are an excellent role model and if I can apply myself as you have, I know I will be successful. Thanks for giving me a chance to make my dreams come true.