You Earn An A+!
Hi Norma Jeanne, Believe it or not, in a couple emails and the information you provide on your site, if I had to assign a grading system to all other schools I have investigated, you would be the only one with an A+, and all others would be at a C grade at best. And believe me I have investigated just about any available training you can find via the web; local, in person, on line, tropical islands and everything in between. I have to tell you…of all the courses I have investigated, not one other business has been as responsive as you have been. Your site tells a story of an instructor who wants her students to succeed and wants all animals to be happy. I cannot say that about any other sites. The fact that you changed your way of teaching from how you were trained based on your own instincts and the reaction of your students is commendable. The amount of testimonials from your past students stating that you keep in touch with them and forward them up to date information is far beyond anything I have heard of any other instructor doing. Even the topics you cover in your training are far more extensive than most others. You clearly focus on the people and the animals which is perfect! So I now have all the information I need and I have to say, I am very impressed. There is no reason I will not be choosing your dog training course. Thank you again for all the information and your prompt responses.