A New Dog!
Hi Norma Jeanne, Niko has become the complete opposite of what you and Greg saw of him when we came to work with you. He’s no longer afraid and is now the most confident dog I’ve ever had and with a simple stare, tail up, ears up and a solid stance he has sent packs of dogs to tuck their tails and let us pass by a trail here in Costa Rica. And even more so now when he’s half blind he is still asserting this invisible force. And all I have to do is literally unclip his leash and we are safe to pass by any pack of dogs, including the meanest dogs known here on certain properties. Niko can walk through the property like he owns it and people who know these dogs were shocked when Niko walks in like nothing and the dogs don’t even bark at him, but are known to attack any dog that trespasses. And it makes me think of you and Greg each time he successfully clears the path for us to walk.

Niko In Stephen King’s Movie- The Thing