Best Career Move Ever!
My name is Silke; I run and operate a dogwalking and pet-sitting business in Georgetown, Ontario. I thought I knew a lot about dogs — I was wrong. A few months ago I ordered Norma Jeanne’s Canine Correspondence Studies in the mail. Wow – when the box arrived , my husband and I were very impressed with all the books and DVD’s. I am not only learning about dog training, but so much about dog health, behavior and why they do the things they do. The course is extremely organized ; which is important to me; e.g. one book consists entirely of “terminology”. All words are in alphabetical order so if I can’t remember something, I can look it up. In addition Norma Jeanne answers all of my questions via e-mail very quickly. I can also go and observe as many training; socializing and behavior classes as I choose. That hand on experience is essential . I am so grateful to Norma Jeanne for this opportunity.