Proud To Be A CCS Grad
Whether you’re already a dog trainer, or aspiring to be one, you need to take Norma Jeanne’s dog trainer’s course! The CCS material is very instructive; methodical and comprehensive. You won’t find any other dog trainer’s program as affordable or supportive as this one. WAGGLES Academy for Dogs, in Alberta, was born largely due to Norma Jeanne’s inspiration and knowledge about building a training school and her willingness to be part of our growth. After 5 years, we still communicate regularly, since we both know the importance of adapting to changes of business practice and the science of canine behaviour. I’m proud to be a CCS graduate!

I Thank My Lucky Stars
I think of you, Norma Jeanne, and Thank my lucky stars everyday, for seeing your ad in a magazine, all those years ago. My little dog training school has grown and even pulled us through this recession. I’m so very proud of you Norma Jeanne, for setting your goals, and working so very hard to earn that incredible sense of accomplishment.