​Far Better Than Any College Or University I’ve Attended!
I graduated from Norma Jeanne’s program early 2010. I’ve since completed another very high standard dog training school in the USA, and trust me, not only is the knowledge I gained through Norma Jeanne’s course far superior to what I learned at the other school, but the way my dog and I were treated was by far better. I’m an adult with special needs – the most disturbing problem for educational purposes is that I am profoundly Deaf. While most people, even in schools and colleges don’t really get the fact that one of the most prominent side effect of deafness is the inability the hear, Norma Jeanne made sure I was always part of class. She made sure I understood everything, and even helped me understand what was said on the dvd’s. She helped me FAR MORE than any other college or university I’ve ever attended. Since graduation, Norma Jeanne keeps in touch. Even though my email address has changed, she was the one asking me which one to use after a year of sending materials to both addresses. She works hard to keep her materials up to date with the spirit of the time and I receive updates at least four times per year. Through every problem I’ve have she’s always been there for me. Even when we don’t agree about a subject, she does not judge and does her best to help. What more can a former graduate ask for?! For more questions about her program feel free to ask me by email (Shahaff.idan@gmail.com) and I will reply within one business week.