Challenging, Interesting & Informative!
The CCS professional dog trainer course was great. It was challenging and interesting and definitely informative! A lot of excellent material presented in a logical manner and in easily understood terms. The manuals are thorough and offer a lot of cross-referencing and repetition where needed to make learning easier and more engrained – and the videos will give you what you need. I reference the course material often when presented with a problem or a question from a client.

Tikka in Tom Selleck movie- Monte Walsh

Another invaluable aspect of the course is the support of Norma Jeanne long after you have graduated. I graduated many years ago and I can still always count on a very helpful response from Norma Jeanne when I run into a quandary or get a special situation that I’m not sure how to handle. She is always there for me. I know that Norma Jeanne is constantly working on upgrading and bettering the course that she offers. From my perspective, another reason to consider her course is this ongoing commitment to her work and the obvious pride she takes in it.