Amazing Course!
I have just finished a study session and I can not stress enough how amazing this course is. Such comprehensive and easy to understand manuals, I get so excited while learning!! Thanks for making learning fun!

Bringing The Aggressive Stella Home!
Hey Norma Jeanne, I just want you to know that so far everything’s going GREAT! I know that I have so much to learn, but what I have learned thus far and now the powerful daily learning experience having her Stella home, I am in SUCH a better position to care for Stella. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! I have been saying to Stella that I am going to get her trained, that one day everything’s going to get better for a long time. A message I always truly meant 100% and was not in a place in my life to be able to follow through with it. I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to learn all of this information myself in the way that I am. Your dog training certification course has been the catalyst that has allowed Stella and I to re-unite in a healthy way.