The Path Of My Dreams!
I am a 2012 graduate of Norma Jeanne Laurette’s Canine Correspondence Studies course. Not only did this course set me on the path of my dreams, but it also gave me the information and experience necessary to handle real life situations, regarding canine behaviour and handling. Not only was the course extremely informative, but it was the first (I’ve witnessed) to take into consideration all types of learning styles. In depth manuals/videos were supplied for visual learners, informative lectures catered towards auditory learners, and the abundance of hands on opportunities served to benefit the kinesthetic. Norma Jeanne also proved herself to be a fantastic mentor. She was always there to assist you, both during and after class, and took care to make sure you left each session having learned something new. During the duration of this course I attended all of Norma Jeanne’s Dog Training and Reactive Dog classes, and still do to this day. For although I am a graduate of the course, I recognize that there is always something new to be learned from Norma Jeanne and her constantly evolving teaching style. Thanks to Norma Jeanne’s course, I now run my own business(teaching dog/dogs social skills) and am a dedicated volunteer at the KW Humane Society; Where I assist in training dogs and solving behavioural problems, in order to make the dogs more adoptable.