Awesome Course!
As of September 2015, a graduate of CCS, I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. It has made my dream of becoming a Certified Dog Trainer come true. I had been searching for quite some time for a course that I could complete online since I am not close to a dog training school. When I found this one, I was really excited and then realizing I could complete it at my own pace I was sold. The class materials were well presented and very interesting, so it wasn’t difficult to complete it in a timely manner. As I got into the material, I soon realized that Norma Jean’s training methods paralleled my own, in that is was very gentle and force free methodology, making it even more appealing to me. So, if you are seeking a comprehensive course that you can complete online, at your own pace that will give you a complete foundation in dog training, behaviour and aggression therapy, I would highly recommend Norma Jeanne and CCS. I know you won’t be disappointed. I would like to thank Norma Jeanne personally for always being there for me when I had questions or concerns throughout the course; all of my emails were answered pronto and her genuine interest was quite obvious. Even after I had completed the course, she was still there to answer any questions I had regarding setting up my own business and was quite willing to share her business materials with me. I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience. Thank you Norma Jeanne!