Nothing But Great Things To Say!
I was working full time when I took the CCS professional dog trainer certification course and had no problem! That’s a great thing about Norma Jeanne’s course – you can go at your own pace so you can work on it when you have time. I do have my own professional dog training business and run classes currently. I also still work full time in another job too. Areas that were most beneficial – the behaviour part – what’s normal, what’s not, how to read the body language, how to prevent aggression. There was sooo much great info it’s hard to pin point one thing. I also use her handouts for my clients and refer to them often for consults or problems with my own pup’s. I also use her manual – both of these are great so you don’t have to research and write your own material. Her course was the best thing I’ve done. Not only because I enjoy training, but because it has helped with my own dogs immensely! I have nothing but great things to say about the course!