The Manuals & Videos Are Great!
I received my first package a week and a half ago, and have almost gotten all the way through it! That’s the great thing about correspondence; I don’t feel pressured at all! So far, the manuals and video are GREAT! I have to say, I thought I knew quite a bit about behaviour and learning techniques, and am already learning new stuff. I really like your “hands-free” approach to the training. Your classes look like they are a lot of fun for both the dogs and owners. I wish that I had classes here like that to attend with my young dog. I’m definitely happy with your course materials. I particularly like the videos, as they are an excellent reference to have on-hand. Down the road, when I’m ready to teach classes, I know that I will be referring to them often as you’ve provided excellent examples of class situations. I know on completion, that I will be very prepared for classes and that you will be there to answer any questions that come up.